It feels sleazy. You don't know what to say or where to say it. You shout into the social media void and nobody pays attention.

Your kinda wish your game could sell itself right?


This course was built to teach you the how and the why of marketing. By the end of this course you will know

How Steam Works - you will learn the “meta” of Steam. Why wishlists are important, how the algorithm works.

Pre Production for your game - See how much you should share about your game before you have formally announce it.

When to launch a Steam Page Launch - Is 2 weeks too soon? Or 1 year too late? I will teach you the factors to consider before you publish it.

Steam Page Launch - Did you know you can get free publicity just for launching a Steam page? See when to actually create a “coming soon” steam page and how to get people and publishers to pay attention.

What you should say - When you are deep in development there isn't much to say. Right? Wrong! In this class you will get great ideas of what details must be shared and when.

Beta testing - A beta is secretly a great way to get wishlists. See the tricks to get feedback and extra visibility.

A Demo that sells - A free demo can earn you thousands of wishlists and visibility from Streamers and Festivals. Understand what makes a good demo and how to share it.

Game Launch - Your launch is your best opportunity to get the most visibility possible with Streamers and the press. Don't miss out.

Zero-cost marketing efforts - This class is not about buying thousands of dollars worth of ads. Instead, most of the recommendations don't cost anything.

The class is structured chronologically so you will learn exactly what marketing actions you should be taking at every step in your game's development.

Every recommendation in this class is backed up by real data from actual Steam games. You will see recent examples of what worked for other indie games so that you can adapt those tactics to your game.


I have been helping independent developers market their games on PC for over 4 years. I have seen what works and what is a waste of time.

I know you don't have a lot of time or money to spend on marketing. I understand that you would rather be working on your game instead of pitching it like a 24-hour-salesman.

I designed this course for you. You will learn the basic strategy for getting wishlists using a good demo, festivals, streamers, social media, and your mailing list.

I want to show you that marketing isn't some mysterious act that only the cool people who are super extroverted can pull off. I hope to demystify it and prove that it is actually a pretty technical and a systematic task perfectly suited for game designers and coders.


Access the pre-recorded lectures any time. Re watch them to catch every detail. Chris will walk you through everything you need to do from the moment you think of a game idea all the ay to launch.

Download Tools

This class comes with spreadsheets, workbooks, and example marketing copy that you can adapt for your own game.

These are tried-and-tested resources that will guide you to launch.

Get Help

Every two weeks, Chris will host a live, student-only Q&A for each chapter in the course. You will have a chance to ask questions about the material and get answers from him.


The Wishlist & Visibility Masterclass is continuously updated as the algorithm and new marketing techniques become available.

In the 2.0 version of this class there is over 4 hours and 30 minutes of new content.

Algorithm chat

In this brand new section you will learn how the Steam algorithm surfaces games and how you can take advantage of it.

Case studies

Learn from indie game developers just like you who have used this Masterclass to earn hundreds of thousands of wishlists.

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Example Curriculum

  Start here
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  How Steam Works
Available in days
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  Pre Production Marketing
Available in days
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  Steam Page Launch
Available in days
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  The Grind Pre Demo
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Grind Post Demo
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Launching Your Game
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Marketing Post Launch
Available in days
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  Other Q&As
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Feedback about Chris' Work

The Wishlist & Visibility Masterclass is completely new so doesn't have any testimonials yet. However, here is what Chris Zukowski's students said about his other classes.


In Chris Zukowski's 'How to Make a Steam Page' course I only got to the 3rd lesson and had a revelation about why the messaging for one of our titles was so tricky and never quite seemed to hit the mark (even with many years' experience in copywriting and promotion.) Thanks for the very logical steps and spreadsheets.

Helen Carmichael - Grey Alien Games


I started my indie journey with only a programming background, believing game marketing is some inexplicable dark magic. Thanks to Chris' blog, talks, courses and Discord server I started to see and understand the structure and mechanisms of this mysterious creature. If not for Chris' materials, I'd have never achieved such a result on Reddit and now I'm able to talk with publishers and understand what real value they can (or can't) add to Laysara's marketing.

Maciek Pryc - Laysara Summit Kingdom (Which earned 11,000 wishlists with a single Reddit post)


Chris is a marketing genius and it's a boon to our entire industry that he shares his knowledge as freely as he does. Chris' courses will provide you with all of the tools you need to get your games in front of your target audience, whether you're working as a full-time indie dev or are just looking to get your passion projects in front of players. It's incredibly unlikely that Peglin would have found the success that it did without the HTMAG courses and community!

Dylan Gedig (Creator of Peglin)



I thought my Steam tags were decent, but after watching the How to make a Steam Page course I updated them yesterday and ...

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I want you to be completely satisfied with Wishlist & Visibility Masterclass.

If you don't think this online class helped your game get more visibility, I will give you a complete, no-questions-asked, refund within the first 30-days.


The strategy for marketing your game and getting wishlists changes all the time.

I will continuously update the Steam Wishlist & Visibility Masterclass with the latest techniques and algorithm changes.

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